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Project:            Southdown Institute
Value:               11.1 Million
Owner:             Same as Project
Location:         18798 Old Young Street, East Gwillimbury
Completion:     December 5th 2013

"Southdown provides mental health care for the religious and clergy of all denominations and the facility is currently located in Aurora".  Although Southdown opened in 1966 more than 45 years and has been maintained, they now represent something of a challenge as there are no elevators and few rooms. " The design of the building and procurement of the approvals is completed and construction began in July 2012.

The new building will be 33,000 square feet and will comprise of private client rooms, therapy rooms, offices, administrative spaces, a complete commercial kitchen, dining spaces, meeting rooms, social gathering spaces and a Chapel."

Advantages of this site include: 

  • "The site, being in an un serviced rural setting will have its own well water supply and treatment, a septic system, provisions for storage of water for the building sprinkler system and a pond which will serve as part of the storm water control system and provide water for fire-fighting."
  • "The overall design of both the building and sites ensured that the facility met all its functional requirments while keeping the site in its most natural state."



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