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Franklin Horner Community Centre

Owner: City of Toronto

To Complete Phased State Of Good Repair Works To The Franklin Horner Community Centre -  432 Horner Avenue in Toronto

Engineer: SAB Engineering

Scope of Work: The General Scope of Work of the Project is as follows:

•GFA: 41,517 square feet (3,857 m2);

•Total Site Area: 128,343 square feet (11,923.4 m2 );

•New School: Extensive repair/rehabilitation to the existing former ‘new school’ building. Historic Old School: Extensive repair/rehabilitation to the existing former historic ‘old school’ building. Miscellaneous exterior mortar and brick repairs New Elevator/Stair Addition within existing building footprint. Demolition of part of the existing building including the west stair of the old school and construction of a new corridor and addition to house an accessible elevator, convenience stair and exit stair adjacent to the old school.

•Mechanical - Heating System: the existing steam boiler and steam heating system (located in the old school) will be replaced with a new hot water boiler and hot water heating system, for the whole complex, complete with new piping and new radiators. This system will be introduced in phases. Removal of the existing steam boilers including boilers, pumps, condensate and steam piping and controls, steam radiators and coils, steam to hot water heat exchangers. Supply and installation of new hot water heating boiler plant, including cast iron boilers, pumps, expansion tanks, piping and controls Supply and install new hot water radiation equipment throughout, including piping accessories and controls. Replacement of steam coils for MAU and AHU located in the mechanical fan room with new glycol heating coils, including glycol heat exchanger, pumps, filling station and controls.

•Mechanical – Ventilation & Air Conditioning: new air conditioning system for most of the old school and also for the new school. This system will be introduced in phases. Replacement of the existing ventilation system, including new exhaust fans and new heat recovery make-up air units, ductwork, accessories and controls. Supply and install new split air conditioning system for parts of the building.

•Mechanical – Plumbing: washroom renovations in new building and old building plus additional washrooms in old building. Replacement of sanitary fixtures for all the renovated areas, including revisions and upgrade of existing sanitary pipes, cold water, hot and recirculation pipes. New storm drain system for the new addition; replacement and modification of existing system as noted.

•Mechanical - Fire Safety System: new sprinkler system for the new elevator addition and for the old school, including new water service. Upgrade the existing standpipe system to include for a new wet sprinkler system for the new elevator/stair addition, and adjacent corridors, lobby, office, public washrooms and throughout the old school. New water service for the sprinklers.



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