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Sandalwood Operations in Brampton, Ontario

Project:            Redevelopment of the Sandalwood Yard Bus Facility
Value:               $32.8 million
Owner:             The Corporation of the City of Brampton
Location:         120 Sandalwood Parkway West
Completion:    February 2008

In 2008, we assisted the City of Brampton in redeveloping their existing Sandalwood Yard Bus Facility to meet Brampton’s growth and service expectations required for road maintenance operations. The redeveloped works yard features a new office building, indoor storage for work vehicles, as well as an indoor sand/salt storage and handling facility that includes servicing bays.

Advantages of the site include:

  • Replacing existing salt domes with a new storage facility that is more efficient, safe and environmentally sound.
  • Most buildings will be located on the east side of the property with the majority of entrances facing away from residential homes.
  • The loading of vehicles will be conducted indoors.
  • A berm and sound barrier wall will be built on the west side to create a visual barrier and to reduce noise.

The recently redeveloped Sandalwood Works Yard has a state-of-the-art, winter materials storage facility, which has replaced the old wooden salt domes. This facility is approximately 24,000 square feet, and has the capacity to store 8,000 tonnes of salt and house one indoor salt brine loading station. Salt brine is applied to the road surface as an anti-icer, and is also added to pre-wet granular salt.

The facility’s environmentally-friendly advantages include a salt and brine loading area that is located indoors.



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